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To the Kahlers


Ah, the sibling battle.  All I did for the first 14 years of my life was hate my big sister, and she hated me too.  I remember a period of time, around seven years old, that we didn’t go a day without fighting about something.  Fast-forward to 2014.  My sister is my best friend in the world.  I call her just about every other day.  And this weekend, something amazing happened.  My big sister got married to the best guy anyone could’ve asked for.  I’m so happy I could cry.  Life is full of changes, and I feel as though instead of losing a sister, I’m gaining a brother.  I can’t give a toast because they didn’t have a reception, but I can write a blog (which is better, because I can’t burst into happy tears this way).  So, in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Kahler, here’s the 5 best and worst moments from my sister and me:


5. All the times we knew we were right about something and would argue to the death

You know how it goes.  You’re playing a game and then, all of the sudden, you both think the score is different.  I thought we were tied, so how are you winning by two now?  And then, you just argue until somebody cries or tattles.

4. Every time you punched me really hard and thought it was funny 

You hit really hard.  Seriously, not cool.

3. All the times we stole each other’s stuff, and then lied to the other person’s face

I still specifically remember a pair of shorts that I’m pretty sure you stole and then wore in front of me.  You denied it, and you probably still would.

2. The time you got mad at me for leaving the dishwasher open

It’s not my fault you didn’t see the dishwasher when you were carrying the glass tank and tripped.  You blame me, and I blame your peripheral vision.

1. That time I told on you for driving without a license

Yeah, that’s just a “my bad.”  If it makes you feel any better, I never would have done that now.


5. The time you made me a bunch of mix CDs when I got dumped for the first time

Just sweet.  A little cheesy.  Mostly sweet though.

4. Splitting a bottle of dry, red wine and watching movies

No one else that I know likes dry, red wine, and I can’t finish a bottle by myself.  Thanks for being my wine buddy.

3. The time you ripped the neighbor girl’s hair out for making fun of me

We were still new in town and didn’t know that many people.  Thank you for beating up one of your best friends in my defense.

2. The time you hit the little boy for making fun of me

My grandma always liked to tell a story about when I was a baby and a little boy made fun of my arm.  She said my 4 year-old sister went up to him and smacked him.  Most precious 4 year-old ever.  You may have been a violent child, but it usually worked to my advantage.

1. The time you called me to say you were getting married

I would just like to brag for a millisecond and say that I was the first person to know. Mwahahahahahaha


Thank you, Dave, for taking care of my best friend.  I know I never have to worry when you’re around.  I love you both, and I’m so happy for you.  To the Kahlers! *clinks glasses*